Monday, October 29, 2007

The Hole Shaped God

No, this post has nothing to do with Courtney Love.

Until Translucent tips us off to video interview with N.T. Wright;
she mentioned one of his "side points":

"If you start out by talking about a 'God-shaped hole,' you run the risk of ending up with a hole-shaped God."

Most of you will catch the (perhaps apocryphal) Pascal quote referenced..

Most will also know the line as later borrowed by the Bonoman (opening lines of U2's "Mofo" below).

It all called to mind this Tolstoy parable:


by Leo Tolstoy
"Fable and Fairy Tales"

A Mouse was living under the granary. In the floor of the granary there was a little hole, and the grain fell down through it. The Mouse had an easy life of it, but she wanted to brag of her ease : she gnawed a larger hole in the floor, and invited other mice.

" Conie to a feast with me," said she ; " there will be plenty to eat for everybody."

When she brought the mice, she saw there was no hole. The peasant had noticed the big hole in the floor, and had stopped it up.

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