Thursday, October 04, 2007

Surrational Poems for Subversive Saints and Holy Whores


by the dressed,
i zag towards naked clinging

honesty amens ruthless prayers
commends unsteepled friendship
and shakes a few nations

yank me into my dangerous nest-home
where Dove tails
flags burn
and Kingdom falls


"Temple Tantrum"

building no shibboleths
refusing to recite
betraying dignity-religion,

Paradox only lives to buy your dreams
to honor royal bloodline
compelled he is to gift his dad
Focused fury runs to imago -remnant

you failed entrance exam
language high enough not
Funds insufficient
come in, you 've passed
high fashion illegal in palace
dress code redressed
eye-apples den-robbed

walls apart hide
a partheid
Scratch outfoxed
Center my set

Gracing indiscriminate
overturning priority-pews
Lavish anger, ruthless love
Insistent persistent consistent resistant
for all nations a home-house
To incite romance

(for commentary and context)

stolen by Your song
seduced by Your scroll
stealthed by Your love
skyjacked into control

until my yes was yes
and the cords were cut
i know the cross has crossed me
spared me; snared me, but...

now i lust to live
inside that surrender-dome
till the Dovetail marks my steps
and the temple smells like home

and i
catch Your dreams
catch Your design
dive unafraid
and take terrain and time

Blood it to me, Jesus
Wrestle me into limp and line
Betray my betrayal
Till i eat only from the vine

resting in restlessness
pilgrimmed into place
flooded by templed fire
amazed by illegal grace

i must stay stolen


all i want

hating it
baiting it

waiting to be

unfound by anyone but Messiah Man

dying to be
crying to be
not trying to be
consistently insistently persistently
in the place where He is all

all i want
is to walk on water
to break bread for thousands
to touch the hem and hand it to the world

all i need to get there
safe but not sound
is holy impatience
focused fury
to pray with gentle violence,

"Thy Kingdom come

on earth
on Fulton Mall
on time
on me

in Africa
in hell
in droves
in me.

Gethsemane me, Jesus
Moriah me, Messiah

till i bleed and breathe nothing but You"

i won't wait anymore

it is finished

i walk on water
i heal the sick
i do works of Jesus
or i die


pain, and chin shouldered down
delighted and stricken
like a Book, open, bled
torn flesh, torn sky, torn veil

Abba absence, Abba close
forsaken by jailor
justice-lightning; mercy-cloud
romantic sacrifice
as Prince thirsts

holiness tree streched out black
to make holy a clown
naked healing shame
aslan roars
wind pours
swims to farthest seas
no east no west
drowns sin
as i fall down
and live

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