Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bowie, the Boss & Bono in the Arcade and on Fire

"We’re just a million little gods causing rain storms/ turning every good thing to rust."
-Arcade Fire, "Wake Up"

If you need to get up to speed on Arcade Fire, read Neon Bible...too much salvation?

But who needs holy mashups when Arcade Fire has been fearlessy jamming/prophesying with the big boys.

First off, here are David Bowie and Arcade Fire doing "Wake Up".
The YouTube poster commented: "If you don´t cry watching this, you are dead inside."
Okay, you may still be a Christian if you don't cry...

But if you hate it, you may be on the wrong blog!

Then here is Springsteen with (some of) Arcade; Rolling Stone said "On fire!".
No wonder you can hear someone in the front ecstatically "praying" in disbelief as this lifts off.
You may still be saved if you don't catch the fire here; but you may not find the rest of this blog all that hot:

Finally, U2 and Arcade (a bit less rehearsed than the above...and the only way it tempted me to cry was for what could've been )on "Love Will Tear Us Apart":


  1. hey, i thought you stole my post for a second because I had just talked about Bowie, Bruce and Bono and Arcade Fire yesterday. But it was an email. So anyhow...yeah....totally cool love them all.

  2. St Layla:

    I am honored to be on the samepage 9accidentally/providentially with you

    cant wait to see who they play with bou something totally unobvious like Bryan Ferry,Cheap Trick, Zeppelin..



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