Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sly, Subversive Yididish Humor-Protest in a Cafe?

I would have flown (even without a plane) to Brooklyn to hear/see experience this. To hijack the popular saying: "This is right on so many levels":

The newly expanded and enhanced Jewish Learning program at Congregation Beth proud to present Café Anatevka: Subversive Yiddish Songs of Humor and Protest...a one-of-a-kind event blends music and learning for an illuminating experience and a wonderful time.

America’s Ashkenazi Jews have traditionally been typed as subversively funny and passionately politically involved. We’ve been accused of fomenting the mass political ideologies and movements of the last two centuries—from Karl Marx on the left to Ayn Rand and the Neo-Cons on the right.

Through the lens of music, Café Anatevka will dig up the East European roots of this sly and fiery dual image, as participants sing and explore a range of earthy, biting, and passionate Yiddish songs of humor and protest sung in homes and shops, on kibbutzim and picket lines, in cafes and theater. These songs paint an indelible portrait of intensely fermenting tradition and change among people who have always taken ideas seriously.

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