Monday, December 10, 2007

Our Prayer Letter

Hello to some wonderful friends. Here is our year end prayer letter and report for those who have prayed and supported us. It has made a huge difference. Lots of news, and one item happened just today (so not in the letter): it looks like we will get to meet for awhile at a church facility that they have such a Kingdom heart that they host several congregations throughout the weekend! Anyway, attached is the letter, a new family photo/prayer card...and even a form to "re-enlist" for one more (final) year as we complete our transition. Love to all!

December 2008

Dear Friends:

This is not one of those cheesy, sleazy fundraising letters that you hate…though we will accept your money, if God leads! (:

Because all of you have been with us on our journey in one way or another, we owe you huge and holy “THANK YOU.” The prayers, encouragement and financial support have allowed us to “encourage and empower saints and sinners to find, follow and fight for their divine destiny and dreams.” Yes, I know it’s a mouthful and a lot of alliteration, but it is our purpose statement. Everything we do, whether “officially” related to the congregation we pastor (Third Day Fresno) or not, flows out of it.

When we wrote last year, we didn’t know we were about to (with little warning) lose our lease when the wonderful church whose facilities we were using at a very economical price decided to add a Sunday morning service. We arrived on a Sunday morning to set up as usual, when we found out we couldn’t stay! You should have seen us (maybe not!) scrambling to gather people, equipment (and wits); racing back to the only place we knew we could meet at on short notice (our house); calling people on the way with the news.

That surprise was good for our faith, and a test of it! And so is the fact that even though we never wanted or planned it, we are still meeting at our house. Of course, it has been wonderful for regrouping and building intimacy; but we have outgrown not only the house, but also the ability and desire to meet there anymore. Yet we would not be where we are without this past year: we have not taken mission trips, but become grounded and founded once again in the desire to be radically missional. Not having rent to pay, we are now supporting more missionaries than ever. We even commissioned new ministries two weeks in a row (including the McCanns, who have moved and planted Third Day Morro Bay!)

As you know, we are not a traditional church, and seek to remain relational and organic. But we are not a “house church.” We have been reminded again and again that our DNA is to be intentionally missional and “market-placed.” We truly believe to be where God wants us, we are to be headquartered in “secular” space (a shopping center, strip mall, restaurant, “Third Place” etc.) in the marketplace. So we are praying and scouting.

Sonya and I both are beginning supplemental streams of vocation and income in 2008: Sonya is after many years finishing her “fifth year” of college to earn her teaching credential. She has been subbing quite a bit this year, and has an excellent reputation. I will be teaching a class or two (on topics such as “Jesus, Church and Society”) as a part-time adjunct instructor for Fresno Pacific University’s Degree Completion program. These are exciting new ventures for us; and will maximize and serve our three visions for ministry: the church, working towards a 24/7 citywide prayer center, and a ministry/mission training center.

So bottom line, any of you who are called to financially support us for one more year (2008), we are more seasoned, ripe and ready to dovetail these ministries into higher gear. Please especially pray for us as we are looking at meeting for a temporary time at a church or other easy location as early as this month, as we are definitely ready to get out of the house after an entire year! (I may even boycott cleaning the bathroom for this Sunday!(:….)

The encouragement of our network’s Ministry Director and many others (likely you!) have convinced us that now more than ever that we are on track, and in tune with the Spirit, with these plans for the New Year…our best ever.

Incredibly thankful,

Dave and Sonya Wainscott

Tim and Sara

Dave and Sonya Wainscott; Tim and Sara


Dear Dave and Sonya:

__I will pray for you

__Add my __mail__email to your address list

__I pledge to give to your ministry, per month (for 2008):





__Other: $____

__I am enclosing a one time gift of $_____

__Other ;____________

Checks made out to: Grace Covenant (Memo: “Wainscott-Fresno”)

Mail: Grace Covenant International, PO Box 588,

Platte City, MO 64079,

(keep and post photo as prayer/pledge reminder)

My Name__________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________



Other contact info_______________________________

Dave and Sonya Wainscott;

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