Monday, March 16, 2009

"The Coming Evavangelical Collapse"

Moderator of the Boar’s Head Tavern,
self-described as a "libertarian-leaning conservative politically and an adventurous pilgrim theologically,"
and for some time one of my favorite bloggers,
The InternetMonk/Michael Spencer,
had a seven year old series of blog posts condensed and picked up by the Christian Science Monitor this month, and many more folk have just discovered him(surprised his site hasn't crashed), which has hopefully driven people
back to the source and Source,

and caused folk who would never have read him
to ask the right questions,
perhaps for the first time,
even if for the wrong reasons.

That's a large part of what's right about this new reformation (and its wikiwebwittenbergtheses) .

Interestingly, a 2002 post of his was also later was picked up in the atheist blogosphere. That tuned out to be good news, too. He has received nearly a hundred thank you notes from atheists; that IS reformation. See this.

It sounds like Spencer didn't pick, and doesn't like the CS Monitor title, but as it stands in the Monitor, it is "The Coming Evangelical Collapse."
And that headline may be what catalyzed the conversation.

Here's your clix:

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