Wednesday, March 04, 2009

if restaurants can embrace Twitter, and distrust top-down...

....why not the church?

"Now 4 Restaurant 2.0:
Thanks to Twitter and the Web,
L.A. is obsessed with the Korean tacos of America's first viral eatery.":
In many ways, Kogi's rapid rise reflects the same cultural moment that produced Barack Obama; youthful, urban, multiethnic, wired and communal, both brands resonate with a grassroots generation that distrusts top-down messaging and prefers to learn from peers, often online. The question now is whether L.A.'s Twitter-fueled Korean taco truck is merely a fad (more like, say, Howard Dean)—or, as the Kogi copycats are hoping, a model for the future..
-Newsweek, story

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