Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the new Triple A

Nadia Bolz-Weber,
who blogs so well at and as
The Sarcastic Lutheran,
and is author of
the vital

"Salvation on the Small Screen,"

is speaking at the

Christianity21 gathering

on an important topic.

The layout of



21 Voices,
21 Ideas,
21 Minutes Each
on the topic of faith in century 21.

Some of the other 21 ideas will include:

  • Concentric circles of Christian compassion
  • The past takes us forward
  • Confession: a relief from righteousness
  • Interspiritual/Interfaith Dialogue and Collaboration
  • Treating Women Jesus-Style!
  • Blur: The Cultural Disappearance of Dualism
  • The Boundary Breaking God
  • Jesus' Body is Hot Again
  • Save Your Receipt Right Now!
  • Praying in Color
  • Your story must be told
  • Missional, emergent, monastic, Methodist, newday
  • New Tribalism
  • Coming Out of All Closets
  • A Rummage Sale Every 500 Years
  • HUMBITIOUS - Women & Ambition, Power, Humility
  • Writing saves my life
  • Jesus Is Not Only Anything
  • Theology of the open hand
  • The Power of Small....
  • Seeking justice in the everyday
  • Doubt is the new faith

But Nadia's 21 minutes should pack 'em in, sounds like a great way to learn all that vital stuff they didn't teach you in seminary.....and it deserves 42 minutes.

The title?


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