Monday, June 08, 2009

"Hey God: I watched the news tonight.."

Is there such a thing as a psalm of lament that can't be played in church?

(Is there such category in Scripture as "in church"?)

So maybe King's X has to settle for sing their "Get Away" song "as church."

Or maybe "in the church but not of it."
(of the church but not in it?)

Antone who has followed King's X (click the "kings x" label at bottom of this post to learn more)
from the days when some of them played with Phil Keaggy and Petra; were sold in Christian bookstores (and sung in churches) ..

...through one of their singers (Doug Pinnick) coming out...

to this new song..

will not be surprised at the first line of the song/prayer...or the roadie's (or someone's) T -shirt in this video. For the fundies, the T shirt be all the evidence they need! But I dare say it does not speak for Doug Pinnick or the band.

This does (click "play" below, click here for "not ready for church" lyrics):

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