Saturday, September 25, 2010

Know That You Don’t Know.. by Erwin McManus


Know That You Don’t Know

“I’m afraid,” he confessed, as Maven stood with him in the place where his quest would begin.
“Of what?” Maven asked in his calming voice.
“For this journey, have I learned all I need to know?”
“Ayden,” he replied, “you know all you need to learn.”
“What should I take with me?” Ayden continued.
“Leave all you have and take all you are.”
Ayden persisted, “And the path, is it safe to travel?”
Maven looked at him sternly for the first time he could remember and scolded him, “It is not safe to remain!”
“It is not the place but the Presence that upholds you! This is your only certainty.”
“Go! Walk where no man has walked yet you find footprints.”

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