Wednesday, September 08, 2010

U2 finally shows some "Mercy"

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I had just about given up on this ever happening...
Of course, just because they've rehearsed it, doesn't mean they'll actually play it in concert (sigh...see the "Drowning Man" saga here).

But they just might!  Which means they might even include it a finished version on one of the new albums supposedly coming out soon.

Video clips from Istanbul rehearsal are below, the second includes the whole song, with the obligatory restarts.
Some new lyrics, and bit of reworking.  That's exciting, but also seems a bit disappointing (I always considered the original leaked studio version  finished in its unfinished state...right down to the tape hiss).

Now, if they ever did the 77s incredible song, "Mercy, Mercy",
the Kingdom (referencing yet another U2 song needing official release) just might come.

LATER: They played it!: some of the new lyrics; You're gonna kill me And I want to die We were made for each other You and I: No one else to trust

No one else to trust

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