Monday, March 07, 2011

first word that comes to mind when you hear "Anabaptist" or "Mennonite"?

What's the first word or phrase that comes to mind when you hear "Anabaptist" or "Mennonite"?
Halden's post is helpful if your first answer is the 'wrong' answer of "pacifism,' 'nonviolence,' or 'peace.':

"a common problem in the way in which Anabaptism tends to be 'appreciated' in certain ecumenical circles , It goes something like this: Anabaptism is important and helpful because, out of all the streams of the Christian tradition, it is the one that can teach us about how important it is to be pacifists ...[But] the Anabaptist tradition is not, first of all, about 'nonviolence' but rather about the nature of discipleship, the church, the world and the meaning of Christ’s Lordship"
Halden Doerge, link

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