Sunday, March 06, 2011

"Jesus did not obey literally all his own maxims"

"Jesus Christ  did not limit his own action, he did not obey literally all his own maxims.  The Divine Spirit perpetually inspired his holy soul; having always been abandoned to that divine Breath, there was no need to consult the preceding moment in order to determine the following one.  The breath of grace formed all his moments  on the model of the eternal truths which the invisible and impenetrable wisdom of the Holy Trinity preserved.  The soul of Jesus Christ received the divine orders at each instant and reproduced them in his conduct.  The Gospel shows us the result of these truths in the life of Jesus Christ, and the very same Jesus always living and working produces new wonders in holy souls."
-deCaussade, "Self-Abandonment to Divine Providence," Book II, Section 7, p. 69.
(Abandonment to Divine Providence  PDF)

Great quote..even my dog likes this book:

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