Friday, May 20, 2011

"The Strategically Small Church" by Brandon O'Brien


  1. Instictively I warm to the 'small is beautiful' theme. Here in the UK most small churches are accidentally rather than intentionally small. A church of 150 or more would be considered 'large' here. My own Wood Green Mennonite Church here in London averages around thirty on a Sunday afternoon. There are downsides to this and we're currently involved with a mission auditing process. However, in some ways we feel like grit in a much larger oyster. Between our relationship with the London Mennonite Centre and a steady stream of eclectic visitors there's a sense of a much larger constituency. It doesn't sound very nonviolent but I suppose you could say we punch above our weight. Shalom, phil

  2. That is awesome, Sattler. We just had Liz Babbs from the UK speak at our church Sunday..she really was encouraging about us more organic/smaller churches being vital.

    BTW, i think a church of 150 should be considered large anywhere..


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