Monday, May 23, 2011

Rob bell in hell part 4; NT Wright and John MacArthur weigh in

1)Video from Alter Magazine, NT Wright on hell and Bell (link)

2)John MacArthur responds, click below to read. Amazingly..or inevitably...he says the following  without backing it up with a single quote from Bell

"Historic evangelicalism has always affirmed the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of Scripture, while declaring (as Jesus and the apostles did) that the only way of salvation for fallen humanity is through the atoning work of Christ, and the only instrument of justification is faith in Jesus Christ as He is revealed in the gospel.
Rob Bell believes none of those things"   (link
"Rob Bell: a Brother to Embrace, or a Wolf to Avoid?")
Ok, I won't even bother to point you to MacArthur's new nearly-gnostic book..or this or this.
And I won't say "Farewell, John MacArthur"...but someone should ask him this..

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