Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"it'll be so cool just to come to church, and not have to speak..."

We loved having Liz Babbs speak at our church this summer, we just so related to her message, her honesty, her insights and wisdom.  What a great word she gave!

Then we find out a week later that she had no idea she was expected to speak until she got there.. it was all a misunderstanding...which makes her message far more imprssive.

Liz is a Zondervan author from England, who was in town for the Celtic Ceili that Keltic Ken et al hosted.   I had told Ken that we would love to have her sepak Sunday morning, if he felt like he could ask her. At that event Saturday night, I said to the Keltics, "I'll bet Liz was awesome last night in southern California."  They said, "Oh yes, and she's going to be awesome tomorrow for our church, too!":  I was ecstatic: "You mean, you guys asked her to come speak, and she said 'yes'\"?

As you heard, she did an incredible job that Sunday morning.
And the next week, she sends a message to Ken, saying we might want to show the following clip (from a British TV show, "Miranda") in church..because it was kind of how she felt....thinking she was just coming to visit, and not planning to speak (:

It's a great clip...and Liz is greater:

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