Monday, February 13, 2012

" 500 Best Christian Albums of All Time"..including some by artists who may not be Christian

Adam has a wonderful collection of "CCM"s 500 Best Albums of All Time."
As he was finishing up the countdown, he posted this entry  about the trilemma he was facing picking #1.

Suffice to say that if you are tired of such lists that only include items sold in Christian bookstores (see " there are no Christian bookstores"), and  don't include the 77s/Mile Roe, U2, The Violet Burning,  Michael Knott/LSU,  Charlie Peacock, Simple Minds, Chagall Guevara, the Call. Michael Been (and even the guy I once passed potatoes to et al,........ you'll appreciate this list (here's his initial post, including his criteria)

..and the winner of the #1 spot.  It's about time!

Even though at least once the far more famous #2 album (on the same  mainstream label as the #1!)
was actually sold in a  Christian store (I had to get photo evidence of it, right next to Chris Tomlin... in case Jesus didn't know).

It's about time!

Note: his previous blog/collection is here:The Greatest Christian Albums of All Time,

"Sending people to get a Christian album that must be bought in a Christian bookstore is like sending people to the hardware store for eggs."
-Brian Healy / Dead Artist Syndrome

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