Tuesday, February 28, 2012

quick survey: 4 questions: word association

In a few days, I'll start teaching two new sessions of "Biblical Perspectives for Nurses" (for Fresno Pacific University Degree Completion).

 I'd love to get a random sample of answers from my facebook (and blog) friends (maybe even some who have taken the class before) on the following four questions:

 What's the very first thing (one word if possible) that comes to mind when you hear the following words:


 Post your answers here on Facebook (I am pretty sure my settings allow those who are not my Facebook friend to post) and will share with the class. Thanks..  Click that same link to see the answers that are piling in; quite interesting..

P.S. I just realized the theological significance of asking FOUR questions.. (:
Introductory Question for the Passover Seder
Second Question of the 4 Questions in the Passover Seder
Fourth Question in the Passover Seder
First Question of the 4 Questions for the Passover Seder

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