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U22 Zooropa: questions on the questions?

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I was sure I'd never hear "Zooropa" live.

I mean it was only played three times when it came out.

So who would've guessed it would be 20111/12 for the 360 Tour?

I am so glad it did.
I love the "questions" intro that was added(see computer voices ask human questions in new liturgy: U2 in Chile  and new content).

And I love/hate that I got to see it in person; up close in Oakland.
With the claw's cage down around the band, it reminded me of Pink Floyd playing behind the wall.
I just wish I had instead (also been far enough back to take in the Claw;s crazy light antics during the song.

But now that a version has been released on U22, I have some questions for fan(atic)s...mostly questions about the questions:

1)Is the first question, "What are you thinking about?" Bono's voice?

2)Is the "What sort of democracy for what sort of world"  voiced by the philosopher Peter Rollins?  (I know, all Irish accents can sound alike to a  USAmerican, but I am intrigued by the possibility there is a Rollins-U2 connection.  Tell me it doesn't sound like him)

3)What's the male voice saying at 33-37 :
"What's going on? Is this all there is ? Next: _____________?

 4)What's the male voice saying at 45-47?

5)Into the song, second section: It is well known that Bono cut out the "I have no religion..." line for  most of the tour.  This makes sense for a couple of reasons, one being the Christian revisionism of their 90s material when played in the new millenium.  But I sure seem to remember that the early version on this tour that he kept the line in, but revised it somehow. But I don't remember what he said. Anyone?  Maybe only God and Beth Maynard know.
(Ok. later edit: fond this answer. see comments)

6) I have always heard it  a  voice (early in song proper) of Jimmy Swaggart (or another televangelist: "Don't touch that dial!"  (interspersed with "What do you want?").   Google shows no evidence??

Here's atu2's transcription, but  still missing my question #3

What are you thinking about? Is conflict inevitable? What difference does it make? What sort of democracy for what sort of world? Why did you hurt me? How can I have been so stupid? Why does it always take so long? Why do you put up with me? How do I know what's true? What the fuck? When will I know if I'm a good father? What are you afraid of? Was it worth it? Where is my mind? Is history bound to repeat itself? Do you still love me? Is there something I should know? Why is it so hard? What have I done to deserve this? Why must I always stand alone? Is anybody home? Can we make it work? Is love really all you need? What's going on? Will you ever be able to trust me again? Why do I have to tell you? Are we still on for Friday? What do you want? What do you want?
Where are you from? Who do you love? What do you want? What do you want? What do you want?What do you want? What do you want? How do you love? How do you love?

 official video of the song (w/o the questions intro):


  1. Found answer to question 5:

    I'm beside myself with excitement that they are playing Zooropa...but Bono seems to have problems with

    And I have no religion
    And I don't know what's what
    And I don't know the limit
    The limit of what we've got

    At first changing it to

    And where is my religion
    Cuz I don't know what's what
    I just know the limit
    The limit of what we've got

    And then cutting that verse all together for the Mexico shows.


  2. My take is 1) Yes, and he is also "Why do you put up with me" 2) I agree, it sounds like Rollins and he fits the song (I actually cite you for this conjecture in my transcription, and am pursuing further) 3)"How many times do I have to tell you" (two overlapping male voices, one starting slightly later than the other, and then another repeat in a female voice) 4) if you mean the apparently foreign phrase, that seems the big open question, even down to the language 5) Fits wrestling with Rollins does it not? 6) I've only been working on the first minute & 30 seconds, so I've no answer.

  3. Thanks Anonymous.. Great work!.not sure who you are, but glad to have a link so we can compare notes on this

  4. There are only so many of us that would blow our ears off to answer such questions, so my identity isn't any big secret. Anyway, asked, but will be shocked by an answer, on Rollins's site. Mentioned the lyric change on "no religion" that you point out above, and the general philosophical tint of many of the questions. We'll see if he replies. Have you checked the tour book to see if he's in the credits / thank yous?

  5. Dave - clipped all my commentary out, but up in the Zoo's lyric forum now.

  6. evidence anywhere..tour book etc. Will just have to pray to bump into Rollins...or Bono to ask. At least it';s a question no one's ever asked them before("


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