Monday, March 04, 2013

whatever it takes, including loss of building and pulpit

 Wolfgang Simson talked about house/organic church as the only "persecution-proof structure."

How crazy and ironic...but maybe inevitable...that only persecution will get the Western church back on track (=doing basic church as Bible defines it).

Here's a clip from Francis Chan that's interesting.

Before you watch it, you should know that:

 To paraphrase Paul, though:

"For whatever reason--good or bad, through false motives or true. I rejoice that teh church will finally get it..even if it takes something like persecution."

St Nicole Cotrell posted Chan video, along with some thoughts, in a post called "What Would You Do if Your Church Building Was Gone?".
She asks : "Here is the fundamental question: If your church building were stripped away and your pastor quit preaching from the pulpit, would YOU be able to lead, teach, and bring others to the Lord to the Lord?"

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