Thursday, May 30, 2013

"looking at the back of another Christian's head"

Just one item (#2) from Miguel Labrador's  5 Ways to Topple a Church Regime"

2. Stop facing front and face each other.First things first. Detonate, destroy, and disassemble the pulpit. When all eyes are focused towards the front, they’re not focused on Jesus or His people. How many hours of a Christian’s life is spent looking at the back of another’s head instead of into another eyes? How are you suppose to weep with those who weep if you’re not face to face? “Jesus looked on them with compassion.” You look away!Tear down the stage and any other platforms that separate the body of Christ. Put the worship bands and choirs in another room where no one can see them and pipe the music in. Better yet create an environment for a flash mob worship event. Why do you need a “show” in order to collectively worship God? Take the big screen down from the right hand side of the church and begin extending the right hand of fellowship.Change the church’s shape. Get rid of squares and rectangles and sharp corners. Round out its edges. Form circles and spheres so that people can see one another, share with one another, and truly be amongst one another. Color outside the lines. Establish circular frameworks instead of boxy boundaries. Make “the front of the church” indistinguishable for the rest of it. All parts of the church should be equally accessible.  Full list

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