Thursday, May 23, 2013

questions on Obama's "uhhhh" and "Eight Flags Magic Mountain"

This is not at all a political or partisan post or rant.
(You can look through years of blog posts and sermons and you won't find any
Even Jesus doesn't know who I voted for (:       )
It's an observation re: public speaking.

It's no secret that Obama's speeches  for years have been punctuated by predictable  "uhhh"s.

(see Uh, you know, uhuh, should Obamauh, seek the help of a speech therapist?)
Watching some clips of today's speech, I  immediately noticed:
2)that he seemed to completely close hos mouth after each thought.

Are the two related?
Has be finally been  successfully coached and disciplined out of that habit?
(Or does he primarily stutter in unscripted moments?)

Ans pastor/public speaker can relate.

Also can't help that note when he (or his advisors) want him to look patriotic, put him in front of EIGHT American flags>

He had obviously also learned to deal with hecklers :

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