Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Golden Youth: "music that we could play in a church or in a bar"

When I saw in my RSS feed that both Katy Lee Ann H and Rob Bell  were recommending Golden Youth..
That was enough to check them out.
(Brian) Who are Golden Youth's biggest inspirations?(Stephanie) SIGUR ROS! We love that band! They put their hearts and souls into everything they write and it really shows through their music. We also listen to Florence and the Machine, Coldplay, Stars, M83, plus many, many more!
(Brian) I ask almost everybody this question; it's because it always gets a cool answer. Would you call your band Christian or Christians-in-a-band?  Why?(Stephanie) Christians in a band for sure! We wanted to write music that we could play in a church or in a bar, music that everyone could listen to and want to share with their friends! I hope that people will be able to see a difference in our actions and see Christ through us in that way!  -link

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