Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bono and Edge endorse film about founder of God Squad Christian Motorcycle Club

"Truly a preacher to the convertible, John Smith's message is for people who want to do more than just listen" -Bono

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We went out on a limb & asked Bono to film a short video endorsement for the soon-to-be-made film on John Smith's life. This just landed in my inbox. Filmed a few days ago in Dublin, Bono and the Edge endorse the making of a film on their long-time friend Smithy.

'SMITHY: Something in Every Hue'
a feature length documentary film about
Founder of the Christian Motorcycle Club
a film by

"I was influenced by an Australian preacher I know called John Smith ... who is a very eloquent speaker with a brilliant mind."
Bono, U2

John Smith has spoken to students in more than 4,000 Australian high schools

"John was a man who could take the gospel to anybody ... we were going where the church had no hope of going."
Eddie Pye, Founding Member, God's Squad

"His heart was for the oppressed, it was for the outlaws, it was for the people that had no place to seek God."
Sue Conrau, ex bikie chick


'Smithy' is a feature length, biographical doco about a remarkable Australian, the Rev Dr John 'Bullfrog' Smith, who is probably best known as the founder of the Christian motorcycle club, God's Squad. His wife, Glena, says he got the bullfrog nickname because "John was considered to be the loudest frog in the pond". He has been called 'John Wesley on a motorbike' but Smithy, as he is affectionately known, is more than this - he is an author, social anthropologist, media personality, social commentator, advocate for the poor and marginalised, blues music lover, theologian, motivational speaker, teacher ... and biker.

God's Squad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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