Friday, September 13, 2013

Capon tribute by Ethan Richardson

Nice tribute to "the very much alive" Robert Farrar Capon by Ethan Richardson.  It concludes:

...I sometimes wonder about Jesus laughing—the Bible never says he did—and certainly the Cross is no laughing matter. Nor are many of the parables, for that matter. On the other hand, he called the silly boys and girls to him and said the kingdom was for them, and then the dense and forgetting nobodies who followed him around—wasn’t this a time-sensitive ministry anyways? Perhaps Jesus wasn’t concerned with making much of himself. This is what Capon is teaching me. Of the joy of Christ, that He died and rose again, that we may sit and wonder at what we’ve gotten all spun-around about, to feel relief for once in our jaws at night, and hurt in the gut from laughing at crude jokes.

Tov! Tov! Amen and amen, and now for a cigarette, and a nap.
-Ethan Richardson,  full post here

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