Friday, October 04, 2013

diplomas withheld for streaking

The headline I am holding up in the second frame of the  (c. 1974) photo at right  is just a rumor.

You can see by the first frame how my mom responded to it.

And though there IS apparently a naked pic of me on the internet (I hope none of my high school friends has photos to contradict,  I WAS in a musical, but it wasn't one of those naked ones...except for emotionally speaking)..
If you must see it,  click (safe click, I promise):  Naked Picture of Dave Wainscott :updated random cloud).

...I don't remember ever streaking  (much) back in the day (I hope no one has photos to contradict).

But look what a classmate of mine just posted.

Photo below, and this headline is for real:

Right click, click again to enlarge

I think I remember sitting in the high school  smoking lounge ( New York!) with some folks...I think Nancy Hilliard included....and a streaker came suddenly by.   But in a brilliant move to not get busted, he wore only  a bag over his head

Lol..This post is a bit off my usual topics. so I was thinking I wouldn't find a suitable "tag" (label) with which to categorize it...but look below, I found just the one!

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