Friday, October 04, 2013

Jack Heaslip...along with NT. Wright, David Dark, Frederick Buechner and other harry ticks like Rob Bell

You probably never even knew it existed.

Too bad it's been banished to the cutout rack because folks think Rob Bell is a hairy tick.

It's actually full of good Rob and  by  some great  folks like
 N.T. Wright,
          David Dark,
              Frederick Buechner,
                              Cathleen Falsasni,
                                    Oswald Chambers (!)
                                          Peter Rollins
                                                David Miller et al..

a great chapter by Clayton Libolt on "Becoming a Deep Reader of Scripture...

including two original chapters by U2's chaplain, Jack Heaslip.  (If that's a new name to you, he's delightful; start here: "Jack Heaslip/Bono Audio: Elevation Tour Blessing")

It's the "Love Wins companion"..on sale now at Barnes and Noble...and of course not even stocked in the Christian bookstore (whatever!).  The enhanced edition has videos.

Do check out Heaslip's contributions: the foreword (free read on PDF here), and "Playing With Rocks" from Chapter 6 (Read it here on Google books, it's only missing the last page).

One line: "Jesus owned up to being himself"

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