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The original Watergate tapes..starring Scot Hug-hes and Dave Wain-scott, 1973

By popular demand..(well, at least Aunt Karen's)..

            after (literally) 40 years in the can..

                         finally transferred from the original  antique cassette tape...

  • Warning: if you are not Scot or Dave, or  close kin  to  a Wainscott or Hughes, you should exit now. Too many inhouse (and outhouse, actually) jokes..
  • Last chance to surf elsewhere, with much funnier audio...or video
For the three of you still reading:

  • At last!
  • Not remastered!
  • Not remixed!

  • Definitely not censored!

Raw, original, audio of

"The Watergate Tapes"
 by  the Revs. 

  • Scot "You Know What"  Hug-hes
  •  Dave  "Itchy Dunce"Wain-scott
  • special appearances by Garold "Pud" and Frances "Pat Nixon"  Hughes!
  •  Cameos by  St. Mark "It's funnier if you don't try to" Hughes and  "Modd" Todd Hughes!!
  • surprise stealth appearance by Archibald Cox

Recorded in glorious full mono in the summer of 1973 in  beautiful downtown Selma, Iowa, this brilliant spoof/satire of the  (then current) Watergate affair, hearings and tapes was ...believe it or not..recorded fairly spontaneously, and deftly directed by the two young geniuses.

Share widely.  Bootlegs invited.  Your mileage may vary.

Bonus find: Photo below in which the starving artists take a break from the exhausting studio work:

First photo: L to R-Todd, Scot, Mark, Bruce (studio engineer), Second photo:  L to R-Mark, Dave, antique automobile

Unbelievably, the original studio (though now longer under family ownsership still stands.
 See photo at right.  Historical/hysterical marker needed.  If you look carefully, remnants of thrown hamburger still visible in middle window..

Liner notes/legal warning:

Note: the first few minutes  (6:18 to be exact, before the tapes proper) are some random recordings: the famous/infamous Grampa Hughes "Goodnight, that's all I got to say! .. Burp!", followed by the best burps ever by Mark, as well as some ..uh, bathroom sounds believed to be Todd Hughes.  The last few minutes after the tapes (starting at  21:23 mark)are a sequel a few years later, and include a previously unreleased  snippet of the chart-topping ditty "Boney's Fina."

If there is wild demand to release more vintage insanity from this ever (measured by at least two requests below in the comments section or in the facebook mirror  by deadline of  midnight CST 12/32/15 A.D.). we will raid the vaults for more..including outtakes and the long-rumored blooper reel and deleted scenes.

FINALLY>>>make it viral>> 

Ready? Click here to hear
(final disclaimer: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART  or children/spouses of the actors)

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