Friday, November 15, 2013

an outhouse UMC post : homosexual unions, ecclesial disobedience, euthanizing a bureaucracy

Since many folks know my history in the United Methodist Church

                          (see:"We've done everything we can to work with Rev. Wainscott!")..

.....................they have wondered about my take on the new news.

The same UM bishop  (Talbert) who forced several of us pastors out (that's my short take on what happened, I'm aware it is more multiplex than that) recently officiated a homosexual union in a UM church..against denominational law.

I don't have much of a take..

                    a public one, anyway....

                                     I'm not inhouse (I'm...uh, outhouse) anymore

                                                                     ...and I'm a C.O. in the C.W.

Maybe this will help :

"ministerial malpractice" to attend a same-sex wedding you wouldn't officiate?

But the news does speak to several key topics this blog is trainspotting (see "labels" below).

Here are some links.


When a United Methodist bishop blesses a gay wedding, does it change the church?



Good News responds to same-sex union performed by Bishop Talbert


another response from a blogging friend:

The United Methodist gay wedding crisis



Talbert..reversed his views,, and now wants to change language he helped to put into  [UM church law}

            Bishop follows conscience, changes gay marriage views


Here is UM bishop Will Willimon's post on the bureaucracy issue which Jones quoted:

Bishop Willimon on GC2012 and ‘church by committee’

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