Monday, November 11, 2013

complete video of "Acts:the Heaven on Earth Show" by "the old, boring British guy" N.T. Wright

..along with some study questions I posted for my students (to keep them engaged with what one student called "that old boring British guy...his voice puts me to sleep".. (:

Parts 1-6:
 1)Define "Kingdom of God/heaven"
2)Did Jesus come to restore the Kingdom in Acts 1:1-11?
3)What is the sign-ificance of the ascension?
4)What are three possible answers to "where do heaven and earth overlap/interlock"?
5)What is announced in the first half of Acts?  The second half?
6)Where is earth's "control room"?
7)What is "apotheosis"?

Part 7:

1)How might our Myers-Briggs personalty difference affect how we read the Bible/Acts?
(particularly STs vs  NFs...for explanation, see this).
2)Why is resurrection important?
3)Why is the Spirit poured out?
4)What does it mean for Jesus to bring a theocracy?
 5Which Old Testament book is helpful to understand this section of Acts?

Part 8:

1)In the first half of Acts, Jesus is announced as ____________.

This leads inevitably to a conflict with _________/

2_two key themes: a)K________  b)T_________

3)What do kings do?  They _____________temples.

4)Reading the OT, even the last book (Malachi), what was the state of the temple?

5)What is the tension in Acts 2?  If Jesus and the______ are the temple, problems exist with ______________.

6)Draw and label  chart of this first half of Acts which includes the bookends, the capstone, and the events on either side of the capstone.  Give chapter and verse references.
7). If the __________ is the alternate __________, then __________________________________________________.
8(What are the four SIGNS of the church living as the new ________?
The signs result in a)__________________  b)_________________
9)The church is a family business, not ____________________/

Part 9:

1)"No needy among them" is a reference to Deut 15 and 16.  The reason no one was in need

is because they saw themselves as living in _____________.
2)They were behaving as people who  ____________________.
3)Maybe the fact that we don't see a lot of ________________ today is related
to the fact that we don't see a lot of _____________.
4)Tension: disciples were going to __________ yet living as if they were __________.
5). "It's not us; it's what God has _________________."
6)It's more about where we are in the story, than about ____________________.

Part 10:

1)What's more important than your individual resurrection someday is


2)Resurrection splits into two: a) ______  b)_____

3)Again, we learn how important it is the get the context and historical world

of which  Old Testament book?

Part 11:

1)Draw a chart labeling the two extremes of a New Testament political theology, and

the two  candidates for the possible balancing components which prevents  the extremes.

2)They/we need to learn to navigate being faithful to _____________ and

obeying _________.

3)Pattern: When the church trusts God, they find _______________.

4)The Hebrew vs. Hellenist problem only existed because the believers were ___________.

5)Steven's sermon is the ___________ of this whole section, and its whole point is that we are the true ________.  Within this main point, two subpoints: a)God sends _______________

b)People are always guilty of ______________, particularly of the __________.

6)______________ is only an advanced signpost.  Signposts are saying "Don't ___________."

Part 12:

1)The specific is to benefit the __________.

2(Draw a chart which places Paul's conversion in between two other episodes.

The point: Paul's idea of reaching the Gentiles was not a new idea.

3)Phillip quotes Isaiah 53, which we think is all about the cross and individual salvation (and

it is, but this leads to Isaiah 54 which is about _____, and Isaiah 56, which is about membership granted to ___________ and __________.

Part 13:

1)On his way to conversion, Paul may well have been practicing the meditation of the


2)Paul realized that --regarding everything he stood for:

a)Everything is ______________  b)Everything is ________.

3)When Wright talks about clean/unclean, draw this as a bounded set.

parts 14-26 here:

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