Monday, November 25, 2013

newscaster covers earthquake in bridal gown

A fascinating story that "will preach" in several ways:

Dedicated TV presenter cuts short her wedding after earthquake hits, grabs mic and starts reporting from scene still in her bridal gown and veil

If the church is the bride:

Do we sin when dutifully "do our job" when we should be spending time with our Spousewe neglect the   (Mary/Martha and the greater part;  Yaconelli's story about the girl who chose the dog over winning the game)

Or is this good news: This bride/pastor/apostle knew the Spirit was prompting; (Wesley:' always be ready to preach, pray or die")

Or: i s this just us: always in wedding wear, no matter what we do? (see 

Waffly Wedded Laughing Wife)

Do I love the microphone/being on the news too much?
See:  I don't want to be on the news...yeah, right...

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