Thursday, November 14, 2013

"PopTech, the TED for Real Thinkers"



Watch the Best of PopTech, the TED for Real Thinkers  by Rob Capps (WIRED)

..TED may be the reigning superstar of ideas conferences, but every October, in the tiny town of Camden, Maine, you can experience an equally formidable, if slightly lower-key, thought festival known as PopTech.

Founded almost 20 years ago by Bob Metcalfe, John Scully, and other like-minded technologists, it was originally called the Camden Technology Conference. But in recent years, under the curation of impresario Andrew Zolli, it has grown to cover a lot more than tech. Zolli’s interests run from predicting the future to understanding the machinations of social change, and conference staples now include art, culture, social innovation, and poverty issues.

Like its glitzier competitor, PopTech is primarily organized around inspiring 10- to 18-minute talks, all of which are filmed and posted publicly..... link to article and videos


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