Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jesus as ugly, dark-skinned, Hobbit-sized hunchback leper?

All the "news" about Jesus being white (or not),
and some great discussions lately about Jesus being "ugly" (see scriptural and traditional arguments)...

...and then I catch this.
In "The Jesus I Never Knew," Phillip Yancey mentions an early tradition that Jesus was a hunchback.

More specifically
"dark-skinned, Hobbit sized hunchback":

In the eighth century, the archbishop of Crete, one Andreas Hierosolymitanus, quoted a description of Jesus Christ which (he said) could be found in a version of Josephus extant at that time. Andreas' report is startling. Jesus, he said, was a dark-skinned hobbit-sized hunchback with a big nose, thinning hair, a patchy beard, and eyebrows that joined in the center in a monstrous fashion.   link

In the Middle Ages, many taught that Jesus had leprosy.


PS.  And it goes without saying that Jesus was Asian, but that's another post.

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