Tuesday, December 03, 2013

on not giving beans to dogs, coffee miracles and incarnational eating and drinking

To my shame, I  once stealthily stuffed the "excess" breakfast beans into my pocket (in bags)to avoid offending my "mama" in Mexico. (story at this link, and pic here of the dog that my roommate and I visited every day on the way to school...to pet ....and deliver beans).

I once secretly stashed the unending supply of rolls into my pocket to "honor" our amazing Peruvian hosts
(story and video here).

At times I have been brave enough to trust God and the local food and drink...

But most times I need to be as cool as Papa
Francis, who "smoked" some  terrere (yes, I did a bit of that in Paraguay).

More of the time, I am called to be like my American roomie in Mexico, who ate all the beans  set before him (It all came out in the end).

And at all times I should be as bold and faith-filled as Leslie Leyland Fields.
Do read her delightful post from a recent trip around the Sea of Galilee.
Even though there is a McDonald's on the shore  (my video here),
the real story...and the real food and drink.. is found by the faithful who venture off the tourist path:

The Coffee Miracle+Why You Don't Need to Visit the Holy Land

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