Thursday, May 08, 2014

Reconfiguring the Church: 5 Fatal Mistakes (Wolfgang Simson)

 From Wolfgang Simson, from this document (last sentence there is killer):
1) Jesus came to free mankind from re ligion (as in self-made systems of worship that replaces life before God with human protocol); Christianity has made the very same mistake as Judaism and has become exactly that
-a religion. Just like Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, etc.
2) Christianity has removed Jesus Christ from Kingship, literally beheaded
itself and then told him to his face, ‘we do not want you to rule us. You may save, heal and comfort us, but no way will you rule us.’
The directives of Christ, his law, is disregarded and rebelled against day and night under
disguises like grace, freedom and talk of the Holy Spirit. The entire setup is institutionalized rebellion.
3) Once Jesus as head and leader was gone, a headless Christianity needed a new king, a Saul, a new head, "like everyone else". This is why it has become completely obsessed with human leadership (hello, Senior Pastor, who called you into your unbiblical being?) and its all too well known roles in PBC, planning, budgeting, controlling. Look at the 45,000 denominations,200,000 ministry mum-
and-pop-shops and one RomanCatholic Organization that makes defiance to Christ’s every command its very organizational principle .None of this has anything to do with the Kingdom
4) Christianity has failed to demonstrat e and model the City on the Hill, the olony of God, where his will is done on earth as it is in heaven, the very
thing Christ taught us to do. Christianity has particularly
failed to model economic brotherhood, Acts 2 and 4 style sharing, Kingdom economics, the common
wealth of the Kingdom, which requires an ego and greed-- free zone. This can only start where people pray: “Your Kingdom come, my kingdom go.” That is why we need to ponder: Jesus preached the Kingdom, what came was the church.
5) No model, no message. Anyone can see through words, words, and more words,
hollow hypocrisy, igot religion, religious fan clubs and consumer driven shows, particularly the children and close observers of "the ministers." They see first hand the emptiness and dou
ble standards of their ownparents who preach things on pulpits and platforms that they do not live at home. Therefore, the Body of Christ has fled the litmus test of the home, given up the place of organic authenticity, and is now obsessed with plastic, orchestrated, choreographed meetings. What such Christianity misses in local, tangible and transparent authenticity, they make up in social service worlds away. To compensate for the disaster at home, they build wells, school, hospitals with a vengeance and an insatiable helpers complex, stoppering their ears and eyes to see that Jesus, the King, never ask - From Wolfgang Simson, from this document (last sentence there is killer)

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