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5 quick questions on church history/future: Latino/Pentecostal issues

Four years ago, i asked some questions on facebook.
See below:

quick questions on church history/future

May 3, 2010 at 1:59pm
Hey all. I am reaching a weekend intensive for Latin American Bible (Sanger Campus).
For one session towards the end, I want to have the students interact with your responses to these questions..

I have tagged several of my FB friends here, and because FB has a tag limit, I have posted a few other identical notes where other of my FB friends are tagged (if you weren't tagged, don't feel I left you out...I would love to hear from you..just couldn't tag everybody...but with several tags, hopefully the rest will see it in their feed.

The school uses a cohort model, and my students are all Latino/Hispanic and getting ready to graduate,
and most are from a Pentecostal/Third Wave background. My class is the track with English language instruction. These all come into play in the questions.

Would you comment with your responses below?

What I would really love is for any of you to (also) record yourself on video responding to the questions..So fire up your webcams, and send to me, or send me the YouTube link.

Here are the questions:

1)What lessons from past church history are especially relevant for our generation/current day to learn/relearn?

2)Leonard Sweet suggests that certain Scriptures may be "time-release" for our current day; that is especially relevant as the church finds its way forward. What Scriptures might you suggest are especially key to the church navigating the times we live in?

3)What unique gifts does the Pentecostal/charismatic stream have to offer as the church finds its way forward in the emerging generation?

4)What unique gifts do Latino/Hispanic have to offer as the church finds its way forward in the emerging generation?

5)What does the current historical shift we are living in (postmodernity, The Great Emergence, reformation, Rummage Sale...whatever you call it) seem to be about? What does the Lord seem to be teaching the church?

To see all the answers that came in, or add your own, see

here  and here

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