Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Chance Church

A church of about thirteen people,
                                in a very humble, small, ramshackle  building
                                             in a very "real" and public part of town?

A church with no dress codes; where even the pastor-types may wear T shirts and jeans?

A church that hosts a  free coffee shop and free meals...especially for the homeless?

Who ARE these people?; they are my heroes.

I just talked to a friend, Al Meliso, whom I haven't seen since 1982.
In the meantime, we've both become Christian
             and been involved in more traditional churches and  church leadership,
                                     and  now been launched into this new (old) way of doing church.

He is part of the team at Another Chance Church in Winchester, VA.
Check out their website, and via Google Maps, check out their neighborhood.

The pastor's name is nowhere on the website; How awesome is that..I should try it(:
But I hear his name is Johnny.

I like him already.

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