Friday, June 06, 2014

deleted final verse of "In Your Eyes"

It's such a prayer that it has even been recorded by Christian artists. See Gabriel's comments on the God content  at this link:

But here's a peek into the song's development; it's the "SO DNA" version Gabriel inlcuded on a box set.  Pay extra attention to the third snippet; as it includes a "new" final verse.  Nick Deriso notes that
the now almost-completed lyrics presented with an echo-filled poignancy. At this point, “In Your Eyes” appears to be essentially finished, save for remixing and the final vocal take, until Gabriel gets to the second verse — where he’s still improvising some of the words. Gabriel continues experimenting with the vocal interplay, and later deletes a final verse — one that turns out to be both urgent and deeply emotional. link

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