Friday, June 06, 2014

Happy Lee on the mimetic liturgy of the atonement

My wonderful wunderkind  friend  Happy Lee  (check her post on why she's allowing herself to go grey at a young age) posts a very helpful post on the atonement, drawing on Girard's mimetic theory, using James Allison, as well as  Rob Bell's overlooked "The Gods Aren't Angry."   Love that she reminds us of James Alison's line that a  theory is “something you can grasp, whereas a liturgy happens at you.”  

 Go to it:

What if most of what you’ve been taught shifted, bringing all your beliefs crashing down?

When folks say, “I don’t understand how you can believe in a God that demands a blood sacrifice to appease his sense of justice” my initial reaction is to not say much at all.
Mainly, I didn’t have the tools for a...full article here

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