Thursday, June 05, 2014

St. Peter Himmelman: "From anguish to lust" through "ephemeral swirls of imagery.”

Why in the world haven't I known about Peter Himmelman until now?

Jewish, God-haunted, Grammy-nominated recording artist
 (often compared to Cohen or Cockburn)
             visual artist,
                                   Bob Dylan's son-in-law,
                                                   consultant/speaker (Big Muse) on  creativity,
                                                                          stand-up comic....

Time Magazine:
“Himmelman writes songs with the same emphatic edge and aesthetic urgency that impelled the Lost Generation to write novels.”

USA Today:
"Himmelman is one of rock's most wildly imaginative performers"

San Francisco Chronicle:
Himmelman probes the depths of all the passions, from anguish to lust, to depths few rockers can even imagine.” 

Uncut Magazine:Peter Himmelman's gift lies in refracting 21st-century confusion and bewilderment through ephemeral swirls of imagery.” 

"I felt actual exhilaration from the folks I've run into after your seminar. Exhilaration is a word I never use to describe anything that happens in the Corporate setting so that is damn impressive."
 --Alan Tecktiel, Senior Director, HR Client Solutions, McDonalds Corporation

Peter Himmelman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Peter Himmelman :: The Official Website

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