Saturday, June 14, 2014

"you've won me over in no time at all": a #$@! song of ascent

"When we play that feels like you're's f#%^ing cool!"

"I'm looking for something spiritual and out of this world.. like when it starts,  you feel like, "F#$5!, this stuff's from heaven"

"The Gift" by Angels and Airwaves
See : from punk to prophet
 Are you religious? 1:48ff:

BW: What’s your favorite song off your new album, I-Empire?
TD: I really like “Lifeline” a lot. It was the first song I sang after I was sober.
BW: That was really the first time you sang sober?
TD: Yeah, in four or five years or something. That’s what’s cool about it. The song is about God finding you. Growing up, I came from a religious background, and there’s an old psalm about footprints in the sand. So it’s about God walking next to you and saying I’ll take you for a ride; here’s a lifeline. It’s pretty rad. link

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