Saturday, July 05, 2014

chicken parts laid out in rows: no modern pastor defends the concept of the modern pastor

Jim Rutz:

 Any modern pastor worth [their] salt wants to see Christ honored and praised as the very center of His church

Reality  fights that.  The dynamics of the meeting, the architecture, the P.A. system, and historical customs all combine to produce a pastor-centered church..

..Actually reverend  means "he who should be revered."  But as you may have noticed in browsing the Bible, God is pretty sticky about just Who gets revered (6)

..when the pastor is the head, the church meeting looks like "the meat counter at Safeway, where you see chicken parts laid out in rows: a package of thighs, a package of necks, a package of legs.  And none of it gives you any idea whatsoever of how a real live chicken looks and moves."

We've scrapped the titular and status-based division between clergy and laity bestowed upon us by Pope Hyginus in 140...

..The modern pastor is simply not to be found anywhere in the pages of Scripture, and I've never met a pastor who would even attempt to defend the concept from the Bible..pp, 117, 119-20, Megashift


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