Saturday, September 06, 2014

help a newbie: R.E.M., anybody? U2 vs. REM?

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Some of you will be surprised to hear this, but I came late... really late (after they broke up)... to R.E.M. Sure, I had heard a few songs and liked them, but never owned any REM until this year. That may seem funny, but I just found an article that said you are either an REM or U2 person... well, that explains it--I have been no small U2 fan since 1980!(: But I know geniuses that I think are both (Richard S Rawls??).....So anyone chime in: Favorite REM CD or era? Love? Hate? Argue the U2 or REM theory? ANYWAY.. thanks to the 50 cent sale at Rasputin Music - Fresno... as you can see.. I now have a complete collection of studio albums for about the price of one(: I'm sure I will blog on this in a few weeks, but chime in!

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