Thursday, January 08, 2015

absent-minded, accidental photobomb

This picture is amazing! It captures the cliche "absent-minded professor" (me!).
After the most recent Fresno Pacific University commencement ceremony, I spent time  on the quad (traditional place for families to gather for photos and congrats) tracking down several graduates who were students of mine.  I was especially on the lookout for Veronica, and was disappointed when I never found her in the crowd.

A few days later, she posted this picture on my Facebook wall.  I was shocked that I appeared in the picture, looking like a passerby or photobomber.  I  realized that I had walked right by Veronica and her family...likely specifically looking for her as I walked by...but didn't recognize her with her hair down!  I'm sure the relative or friend taking the photo didn't even notice me..

Dave Wainscott, I didn't get a pic with you but I guess this is close enough
 — with Danny RamirezEvelin Landeros and Dave Wainscott.
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