Monday, February 09, 2015

"Led Zeppelin to the clipped lawn of Hillsong: Žižek, Atonement Theory, and Pentecostal Theology"

 Click here to read the Matthew Del Novo article,  "Žižek, Atonement Theory, and Pentecostal Theology after Metaphysics." 
 How could you NOT click to read it, after reading the official (non-abstract) abstract below?:

  Note from the editor: an abstract would defeat the purpose of this article. It needs to be read, not summarised. What I can do is take the unusual step of citing the referee, John Capper, who responded:
There is something very integrated about the form and content: voice and vision. It is three leagues away from any caricatured norm, and will not be tamed. Meaning seeking words – antithesis of the norm; horizon stretching; grounded in the air, thus engaged; stimULATIINNNGGGGG.
Few will engage the meaning, and perhaps there is none. This is not the journal for this article, and yet it is…
It is Led Zeppelin to the clipped lawn of Hillsong.
This is an article that will annoy and enrich me (i don't yet know which will be stronger).  LINK

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