Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Christian" Death Metal: on crack or in Christ? Keltic Ken and Douglas Wilson rock the conversation

The late  (often to church)  Keltic Ken  (right, in photo above) was  (karacteristically)  kidding when he answered my (left, in photo) question in the video below (3:50 mark)..

...but he was a big cheerleader for a broad, centered-set, view of
what Christians can/should listen to..even if he found some music to be (in the language of the video ) "on crack."

By the way, KK wasn't kidding when he said something about me at the  24-33 second mark,

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see  the article below

Death Metal, Douglas Wilson, and the Wisdom of Extreme Music

in which Nick Claiborne responds to Douglas Wilson (I wish Keltic lived to interview him) 's take on death metal.

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