Friday, May 29, 2015

Raised by Wolves/Throwing the "Last Battle"/Psalm 23

Here's some evolution of this sequence so far.  It will be fascinating to  see how it changes from here.

A few questions:

Note: I also asked the above questions on the atu2 forum here, so you can read/respond here or there.

For those who tend to doubt when Bono is addressing God (see Beth's "It's directed up, folks. Not horizontally. Up. Is this clear enough for you?"), watch Bono in LA 2 at  3:15-3:22!

Related post on the dropping of Bibles and books here.  On the  "Comfort me!  COMFORT ME!!" of LA 2 here

San Jose 2  May 19 (I was there):
Phoenix 1, May 22:
LA 1, May 26:
LA 2,May 27:

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