Wednesday, June 03, 2015

U2 devotions #21 1/2: God is interested in..

"God is much more interested in who you are

                                                 than who you want to be."
-Bono in "Focus on the Family" interview

"God is interested in truth {not happy-clappy songs that are untruthful}, and only in truth"
 -Bono to Ny

"God is interested in us, in the detail of our lives and I think that’s remarkable."
-Bono to Gay Byrne

"I think what God is interested in is people's hearts (more than  religion.. you know, rules, regulations, traditions.), and that's hard enough.  .The idea that God might love us and be interested in us is kind of huge and gigantic, but we turn it, because we're small-minded, into this tiny, petty, often greedy version of God, that is religion.
-Bono to Larry King

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