Thursday, June 18, 2015

"You who are absent!!/I'm impatiently waiting for You.."

I'm not a big fan of TBN (and not sure I could watch it nonstop like a certain brave and  sarcastic Lutheran pastor), but I caught an episode of "Behind the Scenes"  from Jerusalem which hosted Father Andrew (a Greek Orthodox monk) and  Raafat Girgis (a Coptic doctor).  Interesting interview with Father Andrew about the Orthodox tradition, as well as  Ryan's Guitars Project (Three Faiths, Six Strings, Guitars, Not Guns  (click and check that out)  and the Jesus Prayer.

But what really caught me  was the worship song in the  episode (sadly, no audio of the song, and not clarified where it is); I post some still shots of it below to highlight the (translated)  lyrics.  It starts at the  21:46 mark; click here if the video doesn't show at bottom of this post.

Western Christians don't often think in terms of lament--or are not comfortable with it as worship--even though the biblical psalms are loaded with laments (Ps 22 etc)...and don't get me started on U2 songs/psalms of lament.

Eastern Christians/Orthodox get lament. Of all people, Middle Eastern Christians have something to lament about. 

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