Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Shoutout to Father Scully

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Even though Christinaity Today once accused Bono of having a "weak ecclesiology"
(...don't worry, he goes to church more often since that article (:..._)

It's commonly known that Bono/ U2 et al have pastor/priest/spiritual leader  friends mentors,
                       and have often seriously sought them out:

Eugene Peterson,        
                   Jack Heaslip  (North Star)
                              Bill Hybels and Rick Warren
                                        Billy Graham ("the voice that gave my life a Rhyme":
                               Tony Camplolo
                                                    Jim Wallis  
 Michael W Smith
                     Brennan manning.

But what so you know about  Father Scully at Notre Dame?
See this bio.
See this

I doubt if the female scream at 16 sec mark below  is for Father Scully(:
...................... though Bono introduces him right after that.

Shoutout also  at 9:30ff here:

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